Best Known (But Unknown) Amazing Google Business Tools


Google is not a new name to anyone on this planet while it is not only a search engine, but in real more than that. While Google offers one-to-many offerings to all, but in actual, in real terms, many of these offerings are known, while many still unknown. In this article, I am going to give you a brief tour about the amazing Google business tools.

#1 GoMo (MultiScreen)

Having a mobile-friendly website will not only offers your end consumers a chance to explore your offerings more easily but it also increases the huge chance of buying them. Google’s GoMo (MultiScreen) offering will let you take your business on every possible screen, ranging from smartphones and tablets to computers and TVs, letting you offer your customers a great browsing experience all together. [Explore Offering]

#2 Google+ Hangouts

Not new, not unknown, but still some people don’t understand it clearly that what Google+ Hangouts can do in actual for them. Google+ Hangouts is an amazing tool, an amazing offering from Google which lets you connect with people around the world. You can host business conferences, air your events live through Google+ Hangouts (via YouTube). In short, Google+ Hangouts is one such great tool which will work for all your business needs. [Explore Offering]

#3 Trusted Stores (Merchants)

Another amazing offering from Google, Trusted Stores can help your end customers who still in doubt over your site’s legitimacy. Trusted Stores lets the site owner showcase a Trusted Store badge despite first they pass its test over the reliable shipping and customer service the business is offering to its customers. [Explore Offering]

#4 Google Trends

With just like any physical business in place experiences huge change in its appearance with time, the very same way, a web business too got its colors. Google Trends will help you materialize things with the changing world as it will help you determine what right kind of stuff you will use in order to get things better, much better. [Explore Offering]

#5 Think With Google (Insights)

Sounds like a think tank. Well, yes, it does. If you are planning to seek data which will in actually help your company evolve, then Think with Google is the right offering for you. [Explore Offering]

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