App Retargeting Via Remerge


Apps are one of the most lucrative markets in the tech arena, with every possible thing having an app to it; it’s a mystery how people are still reporting poor sales or even losses for that matter. But one can’t deny the fact, that no matter how lucrative and promising the app business sounds and looks from the outside, there is a fair bit of apps out there that just don’t manage to become a ‘Candy crush’ or a ‘Temple Run’ phenomena.  But don’t lose heart yet, if you are into the app business and are struggling, or even want to take your app to the next level, try Remerge – a service that promises to not look for new audiences to boast your popularity, but talk to your dormant audience, the ones that have downloaded your app, and are no longer active. Remerge does this by targeting them via other apps creating something they like to call ‘Deep Link’, check out their site to find out more.

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