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Buying clothes online is quite easy and there are lots of stores offering you good discounts almost every day. But not every buyer is looking for one or two pieces of garments. Many, like shop owners, buy clothes in bulk and there is no app for that. Or let’s say, until now.  XSTOK is the online place to buy your stock in bulk at competitive prices and get it delivered to your store with ease.

Garment manufacturers usually get the short end of the stick when trying to sell off their excess goods, whereas shop owners are always looking for a good deal.  The unorganized market where middlemen can take upto 65% as their own margin is being challenged by XSTOK. The app is simple to download, sign up and get started with. Simply pick your product and bid for it. Make payments via your favourite paying option and simply tap to get your delivery sorted. XSTOK is where shop owners shop.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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