Dating Made Easy With ‘Double’


Online dating can be a bit scary and daunting. You don’t really know the person you are going to meet and if you take a friend along, it is awkward and even frowned upon. But there is a way where you can take a friend and even have fun. Welcome to Double, where dating is doubled and so is your joy. First of all, Double is a mobile dating app, so you can simply invite a friend to be doubler on your date.

Then look through the database of doubler suggestions and like or dislike other doublers anonymously. If the doublers you like, like you back, then you are set and can have a chat before you even decide to meet. Take the conversation to a point where you are comfortable meeting and lose the awkwardness of the date because your friend is with you! Double the excitement of your date only when you use the Double dating app!

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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