How To Download A Video From Any Website?

Downloading a video from any website, can be a tricky business. Which is why there is no ‘one methodsuits all’, it’s more like try one technique and if it does not work move on to the next. So the best thing you can do when you are trying to download a video from a website is collect as many methods as possible and try each one out.

If you have exhausted all possible methods and still don’t find a way to get your desired video, you can resort to screen recording. This may be a little crude compared to the other methods of acquiring a video, but it still gets the job done.  While there are a number of screen recording software outthere, you need a certain level of tech expertise to come about downloading your video.

One software however that really sticks out- as in gets the work done and is easy to work with is- Movavi Screen Recorder (download 1, 2). This easy to use and intuitive video recording software is great if you want to download videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any of your favourite video sharing sites. This video recorder lets you record your video into viewer friendly versions so that you can view it on any device be it your smartphone, tablet or any media player.

OS friendly versions

Many a times, you set out to look for a video recording software and find a great one that will do the job well. Plus it has rave reviews and is free, but when you go to use it, it fall flat- you realise it is not something that can run on your OS

With Movavi you are less likely to come across that problem. Movavi video recorder is available for both Mac and Windows, making it the perfect video tool.

User Friendly interface and versatile

Part from that the software is extremely easy to use, with detailed instruction on their site. All you have to do is download the extension that is suitable for your system and follow the easy steps and you have yourself a video recorder.

The Movavi video recorder also comes with a neat editing tool that is simple and easy to use. Apart from that the software allows you to export the file into whatever format you like, making it very versatile.

All in all, Movavi Video recorder is a great tool if you are looking for a video recorder that is not too fancy, does the work, and allows you small tweaks.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Key Features

  • Capture video from your computer screen
  • Grab sound from multiple sources
  • Save recordings without quality loss
  • Export videos in any popular format

Download – 1, 2

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