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As the world goes digital, there is a strong need to move our learning into the digital age as well. However, digitizing learning is not as easy as digitizing books or music or games. Making a digital textbook achieves nothing if students do not get an enhanced learning experience. Take anatomy for example.

Moving a diagram from a text book to a web page does not improve learning behaviour but when you make a 3D model that is accurate to the tiniest detail and can be accessed over the cloud, then you have made a difference. This is what LlamaZoo has set out to do.

Based in Victoria, Canada, Llama Zoo is collective of the best of the talent in the fields of writing, designing, programming, producing from across the globe. Transforming designs into 3D reality is what these guys do and they do it the best.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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