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Are you travelling abroad for a project for a few months and need some space to dump to your stuff? Are you renting out your ancestral home and need some space to store all your inherited antiques? A few years ago, you would have to run all over Delhi to find a suitable place but thanks to StoreMore, you can look up secure places for storage in Delhi/ NCR all within the comfort of your home.

Yes, roughly calculate your storage requirements and look up places in Noida, Delhi or Gurgaon that best suit your convenience. With transparent rates on offer, you do not even have to make phone calls and bargain with space providers. Simply compare different providers on the site itself, their offerings as well as rates and finalise your storage requirements.

Once you confirm, you can even ask StoreMore to schedule a pick up from your house to the storage facility. The online inventory facility lets you keep track of your goods at all times and even makes retrieval extremely easy. Pay your bills on a monthly basis and cancel your storage any time and simply ask for the goods to be delivered when you want.

Does all this sound good? Then why not suggest StoreMore to your boss for your office storage requirements? StoreMore serves offices and businesses as well.

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