The Five ‘Sweet’ Tools To Help You Plan Your Wedding


Whether you are planning for your first date with your fiance or the first time you are planning for something together or even something else. Like this, like that, there are hundreds of thousands of things might be in your mind. But, have some peace as with tech around, in this article, I am about to share with you the six “sweet” tools which can help you plan your wedding – your big day.

Wedding Budget Controller

All couples who want to get married should use Wedding Budget Controller app! Now optimized for iOS7. Plan your wedding with Wedding Budget Controller and estimate all upcoming expenses. [Explore]


Tripit is an all-in-one travel organizer. TripIt was created back in October of 2006. As travelers took planning into their own hands, their hands got pretty full, and their lives got pretty frantic. TripIt set out to change all that. [Explore]

Pinterest (Weddings Page)

Pinterest need no definition to define as well as need no explanation as such. Better suggestion is to explore youself. [Explore]

Wedding Collection

Wedding Collection from FTD lets you discover the perfect flowers for your picture-perfect wedding. You can find hand-crafted arrangements to make the entire day yours, from romantic bouquets and boutonnieres to unforgettable altar decor and centerpieces. [Explore]


The Knot is the internet’s most-trafficked one-stop wedding planning solution. Founded in 1996 to offer a much-needed alternative to the white-gloved, outdated advice of the available etiquette experts. [Explore]

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