Fly High With Extreme Fliers

Extreme Fliers

Have you always been interested in flying a drone but never managed to get your hands on one? Prices of drones available in the market have been prohibitively expensive and therefore owning a drone has not been easy. But thanks to Extreme Fliers, you can be the proud owner of a mini drone for just $99. Yes, a fully functional, fully manoeuvrable quad copter for a low price is something only Extreme Fliers is making it possible. Plus, if you like the drone to do a little more, you can simply buy the camera kit that is installs in just two steps and can get you images and videos of the flight to share with your friends. The Mini Drone 2.0 with camera kit is just $128.99 and is usually shipped within 24 hours.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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