Geniee Helps Maximize Customer Revenue With Leading-edge Ad Technology


Geniee is a leading Japanese Ad network that is helping publishers maximize their revenues with their new age ad technology. After enjoying its initial success in Japan, the company is increasing its foothold in foreign countries and open to publishers as well as businesses from world over. With over 40 billion monthly impressions, Geniee is fast growing Ad Network and one to be part of now.

Geniee SSP is the unique platform that combines cost efficiency for advertisers with maximum revenue for publishers. Publishers have a variety of advertising platforms such as Demand Side Platform, affiliate ads, multiple ad networks etc. that they can take advantage of, where as advertisers get a variety of channels such as SNS, news, blogs etc. for showcasing their products or services. Genie SSP works with multiple verticals such as auto, finance, real estate, gaming, travel and many more.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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