Get Richer Messaging Experience With BlinQ


There are one-to-many times when you definitely wondered that there must be some better way on getting richer messaging experience. An experience where one can feel that conversations which are taking place with friends and colleagues can turn out to be as more personal and relevant. Well to make this possibly for you, our today’s startup masters in that only.

Downloading BlinQ means now there will be no more staring at a boring Facebook Feed. Only relevant information about people you actually talk to after high-school will be with you. Further on second occasion, say if you have a meeting, then you can surprise your partner with information and come off as an actual responsible adult while the best one, you can avoid contacting people while they’re on vacation/in prison/parental leave.

Like it already, then explore BlinQ today.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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