Get Shopping Mall Experience At Home With Bombfell


For all those guys who hate picking up clothes for themselves from the mall or find it boring to browse through the catalogues of online retailers, there is a simpler way to keep your wardrobe updated and it is called Bombfell. All you need to do is sign up for the service once and tell them what you like to wear. A stylist will handpick clothes that will match your style of dressing and send you a preview email. If you can add or remove items from this preview after which Bombfell ships the clothes within the next 10 days. Once you receive your shipment, you have 10 days to decide which clothes you would like to keep and you can return the rest along with the prepaid return label that accompany your shipment. Bombfell only charges you for the clothes you keep and every month you will have a new set of clothes arriving at your doorstep.

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