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Ticketing industry is a tricky business where the companies are usually frustrated with the state of the ticketing market and dissatisfied ticketing clients. These companies are often looking for new suppliers to provide them with satisfactory solutions and Red61 is doing exactly that. This Edinburgh-based ticketing software, services and consultancy company is successfully providing solutions to ticket agencies, events festivals and venues.

The company has been established with the objective of providing a different kind of ticketing solution and to create long term collaborative relationships with the clients. The company distinguished itself by designing the VIA Ticketing System for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (the largest arts festival in the world). Moreover, Red61 now operates all over UK as well as in Australia, Ireland and Abu Dhabi.

Working on close partnerships with the clients, Red61 prides in getting to the heart of their business needs. The company guarantees stable ticketing performance, experienced Box Office Management and 24 hour support.

Sounds good, then explore Red61 today.

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