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Have to interacting with customers abroad or have to visit different country for business? Reasons can be any but the answer will be one that you will be requiring some really great language-learning tools that will help you do good business, actually profitable business. In this article, I will be going to share with you some of the best available great language-learning tool which will help you beat the race of who wins in the race of business.

#1 BBC Languages

A great collectible source of information, I must say. An offering from BBC, BBC Languages feature about over 40 different languages minisites from across the world with being the understanding level ranges from beginners, post-beginners and intermediate-level .  In each of these languages minisites, you will find audio courses, video courses, TV and radio programs, plays, games and lots more.

#2 Livemocha

Want to great trained before landing out in a new country. If yes, then better try to consider using Livemocha. The offering provides structured learning through the web, ranging from beginners to advance level. This offering comprises of over 38 languages, including Sanskrit, Icelandic, Yiddish among others while it has got over 10 million learners which in total represents more than 190 countries. You can learn new languages through the medium of both regular course content as well as social networking. At Livemocha, you will experience games, quizzes, phrase arcade and flashcards.

#3 Byki

The desktop software program known as Byki Express is available in over 74 languages totally free of cost. Moreover, its app allows users to even post their progress on Facebook as well as to get connects with other users. The offering comprises of vocabulary lists, articles, online applications as and games which will help you collect and learn more words.

#4 Babbel

Babbel is an amazing language app which will offer you a feedback in return. The mobile app offers situation travel instruction in over seven languages, including English, French, and Italian among others. The app uses integrated speech recognition technology letting you to assess your pronunciation skills as well as offers you feedback in return.

#5 FSI Language Courses

The State Department’s Foreign Service Institute is actually a diplomats and foreign service which offers a language learning tool in over 70 languages. While among in this too, 45 languages comes completely free of charge from the public domain. The service offers languages such as French, Italian, and French among others.

#6 Internet Polyglot

While targeting clearly, Internet Polygot don’t focus exactly on proper grammar and syntax but it consider letting people using flashcards to help people in learning new words. In this, you will experience digital flashcards for over 12 different languages but in a gamified manner. Moreover, the offering lets you create and share custom lessons based on studied languages as well as subject selection.

#7 Lang-8

While in most of the countries, learning only basic words will make sense to become a part of it but when it comes to countries like Korea or Japan, you need a more and much better approach in learning such countries languages. This is where Lang-8 comes into existence. The offering is available in more than 90 plus languages including the one in Khmer, Breton and Afrikaans.

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