Hoverwatch Lets You Track Your Cell Phone Location


Use of smartphones and computers is a part of our daily lives. With all the good things in the world, these devices connect us to; there is equal risk of getting sucked in the vortex of bad things on the internet. This is not just a concern for parents of teenagers but also companies who dole out smart devices to their employees so that they are always in the loop of information. With the advent of instant messaging apps, high quality cameras and also high speed internet on the phone, it is difficult to know what sort of information is being sent over these devices. If you would like to know, there is the option of Hoverwatch!

Designed by Virginia-based Company RefogInc, Hoverwatch is tracking software for Android phones, Windows PCs and Mac computers that is easy to install and monitor. All you need is administrator privileges on these devices and your tracking software can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Call records, SMS records, GPS locations, images shared, anything that you might need to keep a tab on things is available through Hoverwatch. Here are a few features that we really liked to share.


The best part about the tracker software is its ability to stay invisible throughout. So, you can simply handover the device to an office employee after installing the software and he/she would never know that they are being tracked. Even advanced users of smart devices find it difficult to locate the running of the software.

GPS Locator

Hoverwatch uses cell towers and Wi-Fi connections to accurately determine the location of the device. So, whether you are seeking the location of your child who is attending that ‘extra class’ or your employee spending time with the client, Hoverwatch can give it to you, whenever you ask for it.

Message Tracking

Hoverwatch also gives you the feature of tracking activity on the clients like Whatsapp and Facebook that can transfer information in the form of text, pictures, audio messages and even video messages. An added feature is the option to take a picture with the front camera every time the phone is unlocked, so you know who exactly is using the device, every time it is used.

SIM replacement

Traditional tracking devices would fail when the phone SIM was replaced. Hoverwatch is much smarter and continues to track data even if the SIM is replaced. Rather, it goes a step further and intimates you when the SIM is changed.

The best feature of Hoverwatch, however, is the simplicity of its use. Once you have installed the software, you can track your devices from anywhere using a simple login to the Hoverwatch account. If an employee leaves the organization, you can stop monitoring data with just a few clicks. Hoverwatch’s tracking services have been installed on over 12 million devices and are available for as little as $3.33 per month per device. Tracking devices, however, is a legal matter. You must ensure that you are following local laws before and while using Hoverwatch.

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