Increase Sales And Conversions With ClickDesk


It is very much advisable to add a live chat, help desk, video and VOIP to your site as it not let your visitors understand the things with ease but also give you a vivid option to increase sales and conversion. While just like any other option, for live chat and help desk too, we do have a lot of offering available, but the one which we are going to talk today is name as ClickDesk.

ClickDesk adds to your website will let you convert your visitors to happy customers. Moreover, with ClickDesk, your visitors can call you from their browser as well as allow you to manage all your emails and offline chats using easy-to-use integrated help desk. Further, with easy social integrations, your customers can like on Facebook or tweet about your company.

Your customers can call you from our access numbers in more than 40 countries. Plus you can customize your popup messages in any language to prompt your users to live chat or call you. Other plus factor is that agents do not download, install, or learn anything new – they chat on their favorite IM, land-line or mobile.

Sounds promising, right? Explore ClickDesk today.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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