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Get organized, Grow sales, Save Time – Isn’t this is all we want in our businesses as well as an individual. But, which think possibly can make this a possible thing for us. Overall, there are one-to-many options available out in the world of web but confusion and/or actual problem comes into existence when one searching for the right platform. Infusionsoft (check the demo yourself first) is the one such sales and marketing software, considerably mainly for small businesses which combines the power of customer relationship management system, email marketing and e-commerce.

An open statement (above, last two sentences) preferably sounds like a buzz in the air? But let’s take a step further and find out together over the offering. Mounting first some fact-o-figures, the company was founded back in year 2004 with having over 12,000 customer bases, 350+ employees and had received an investment worth $54 million from Goldman Sachs in order to step up marketing and sales efforts with not losing a sigh on training and partner education programs as well as product development activity.

What Infusionsoft Can Do For You?

1. CMS Functionality

Ideally, the company offers an ability to have an eCommerce business on offer on its platform but it will make a worthwhile only when integration is performed between your content management system (the one of your choice) and the Infusionsoft. The content management system which you chose will store the content you create to attract visitors back to your website. Understanding this in better way, say your website is live on WordPress and Infusionsoft is connected to your website, only then the things work in sense. This method will lead the content and campaigns to your chosen social accounts and tracking of this activity is available for you, the way you want it.

2. Calls To Action And Landing Pages

Infusionsoft comes with pre-built customer relationship management into its software. This means, the addition of customer relationship management will make the sales management process an easy one. In short, it will be a win-win situation. Calls to action and landing page can be build variably on Infusionsoft with an ease but remember you need to create your Calls to action graphics elsewhere first (at some different place) and then once created, you can place them on your website.

Second on a note here are campaign automation and creating workflows which are the key components here. Infusionsoft offers you a richer graphical interface with which you will notice a whole ray of light by just seeing yourself dragging and dropping your campaign components into a linear timeline of execution.

The next thing which you surely love about Infusionsoft is that it offers a strong email capabilities solution. The capabilities counted on as list segmentation, campaign execution tools, design templates, nurturing functionality and analytics with a strong hold on graphical interface, which means it will be an advantage for visually oriented users.


Additional Functionalities

If one knows correctly, Infusionsoft started its journey with catering only to the eCommerce industry but with time it develop itself with such large number of functionality which makes huge sense to it and its current growth span.

  • shopping cart
  • online storefront
  • upselling and discounting options
  • subscription plans
  • billing and payment plan execution
  • product inventory and fulfilment tracking
  • affiliate and partner program tracking
  • analytic tracking and reporting

Infusionsoft Marketplace

Infusionsoft Marketplace currently caters to over 80 applications. Apps are rated from one to five starts and come in both free and paid apps. The marketplace featured categories on offer are Accounting, Business Management, eCommerce, Social and Lead Generation while along with this, the company does offers a huge consultant bases with which the end users can contact directly and possible negotiate a service agreement as per their requirements.

Pricing And Packages

Infusionsoft is offered in four-tier layered version. Starting with their Essential package, which according to them is best for companies which are having the basic marketing automation needs, comes at a cost of $199 per month is a three users version and offers Contact Management, Marketing Automation, 2,500 Contacts and 12,500 Emails per month.

The next is their Deluxe Sales package, which is best for the companies with sales teams and that need advanced CRM tools. This comes at a cost of $299 per month and is a four users’ version, offering Contact Management, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, 5,000 Contacts and 25,000 Emails per month.

The third package name as Deluxe E-commerce package is best for companies with an online store. This comes at a cost of $299 per month and is a four users’ version, offering Contact Management, Marketing Automation, E-Commerce, 5,000 Contacts and 25,000 Emails per month.

The final package is the Complete package is the one which is suitable for companies which is having both an online store and a sales team. This comes at a cost of $379 per month and is a ten users’ version, offering Contact Management, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, E-Commerce, 10,000 Contacts and 50,000 Emails per month.


Final Words – Conclusion/Recommendation

  • Overall, the first thing which I want to conclude here is that Infusionsoft is loaded with features which are intended to automate and optimize the execution of your marketing planning.
  • The company termed the offering as “all-in-one sales and marketing software” which after reviewing it sounds correct.
  • The company is loyal in teaching the end users on all variables.
  • With four different tiers of pricing options are available, no doubt, it opens up a huge option in front of end users who are looking onto buy the service for some particular needs.
  • Support available through direct call, live chat and an email.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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