Meet Angelcam, World’s First App-Store For IP Cameras


We all have IP cameras installed to monitor work spaces or parking areas but even after this, we still need a few set of eyes to monitor all this data that is flowing in. How about making these cameras a tad more intelligent and getting them to do some meaningful work?

Angelcam, a California based company, has done exactly that and helps you put your IP cameras to really good use. Like the camera can count the number of cars entering your parking space or the waiting times for queues in your office or even check the speed of cars within your premises.

Connecting to the Angelcam network platform is not only easy, it is also free to use. You can choose which apps you want the camera to work with and you could be anywhere in the world and still access your camera, since everything is on the cloud.

Sounds good, right? Visit Angelcam today.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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