Meet C1X, A One Stop Shop For All Your Marketing Needs


Are you a marketer looking to promote your products through various media channels? Well, if you are, then you are well aware of the nightmare that ensues when you start a new campaign and start coordinating with your partners, private marketplaces, publishers etc. Most of your time is simply spent in getting all on the same page as you are and the campaign goal takes a back seat. All this is set to change now because Class One Exchange (C1X) will become your one stop shop for all your marketing needs.

C1X is not just a large marketplace when you select partners for promoting your product. Rather, it is an intelligent digital advertising engine that will also help you choose between direct advertising and bidding options to meet your campaign goals. Unlike other marketplaces where you are left at mercy of the publisher to promote your product well, with C1X you can validate your opportunity before you even buy media from them. C1X works equally well for publishers as well by letting them use their entire inventory by using first party as well as third party data sources.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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