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Whether you are an ace programmer who simply does not have the time to pursue multiple clients or a simple blogger who does not have the budget to hire an ace programmer to code his site, the answer to both your woes is Codester. Believe it or not, Codester is a great unifying marketplace for people looking to deal with codes. You can simply call it the e-bay of codes. Whether you are looking to buy some or sell some, Codester has it all. Just at a click of a button.

If you are still a little confused as to how this can happen, let us explain how Codester works. Imagine you are a programmer who wrote a beautiful bit of code for a customer. For some reason, the customer did not like it and it is sitting on your computer for months now. With Codester, you can now sell this bit of code, which seemed worthless to that customer but might be valuable to many others. People looking for specific bits of code can simply purchase it from you for a licence, either single use or multiple uses. Standard licensing terms and you get rewarded for your work.

For a blogger who has just started off and cannot hire professionals to make a short plugin for his site, Codester works wonders because he can simply buy the code, put it up on his blog and reap benefits of the plugin instantly. Codester gives him complete control over how quickly the change can be implemented, tight budget control and freedom to quickly move to another plugin or add multiple plugins within a short period of time.


But Codester is not a repository of plugins alone. Codester is the bank for scripts in PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, C++, and other programming languages too. So, if you code or require code in these languages, Codester is still the place to get it. Not just that, you can also get your hands on themes for blogs and websites, irrespective of the niche you might be in or the platform you might be using. Drupal, Joomla, WordPress or simple HTML templates are available on this marketplace along with themes for e-commerce stores using Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop etc.

As more and more people, move away from bigger computer screens on their desktops to big display screens of their smartphones, apps seem to be only way to be able to stay connected with your customers. With a wide variety of functions that they do, apps themselves have become software to sell and make money from. People are keen to pay good money for an entertaining app and if you need a little help developing one, Codester is just a click away. iOS, Android, Unity, Corona, Titanium, name the platform and you can find codes for them, on Codester. Additionally, Codester is also the place to get Logos, icons, product mockups as well as user interfaces for your product or service. Everything related to code can be found easily on Codester.

The marketplace also runs a great affiliate program that allows influencers to get onboard and participate in the spread of word about your work. Even the effort that you put into promoting your work can help you get commission for any purchases made even upto 90 days after the affiliate link is clicked. These affiliate links work via banner ads, social networks as well as traditional means such as email and websites. So, while you set up your e-shop on Codester, do spend some time in spreading the word about it. Sooner or later, it will be rewarded.


Creating an account on Codester is free and once an account is created, you get instant access to not only thousands of templates but also detailed descriptions of their features, requirements, instructions, along with the option of checking screen shots and the live demo. So, what are you waiting for? Simply, sign up for an account today and get your pass to code!

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