Meet Desino, The Team Behind Innovative Wheel Chair Design Radius


If you have ever closely watched a user of a wheel chair, you will notice that while the wheel chair offers the person the freedom of mobility, the troubles of actually using the wheel chair are a little too many. To begin with, the seating is not very comfortable and often tiring, travelling larger distances is extremely fatiguing and the degree of freedom offered by the wheel chair is quite minimal. But there is not you can do since there is no alternate option.

Well, that was true, until the team at Desino looked into this problem. Realising the severe limitations of a traditional wheel chair, the team at Desino rethought the concept of the wheel chair and came up with Radius, a brave new concept of wheel chair that opens up new horizons for its users. Ergonomic seating design aimed to positively impact your upper body to the manual hybrid drive feature with gear shifting capabilities to user friendly placement of levers are major improvements from a traditional wheel chair that you can expect to be fulfilled when you see the Radius.

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