Meet Event Farm, An Experiential And Event Marketing Platform


Managing an event is quite a job, planning, managing, organising, the list goes on and on with the added stress of knowing that the smooth running of the entire event rests on your lone shoulders. Whether it is offline or online, event management has always been a stressful job, but there are resources out there that you can use to make your life much simpler.

Right from the pre- event managing – which entails making a guest list, registration, attendee management as well as designing your invitation, to the post event sorting out like preparing a report, or perhaps saving your data for future projects, all of it can be sorted out at Event Farm. This is a great tool to be on top of your game and organise large scale event that many a times intimidate smaller event management firms from taking up. With Event Farm, you can now rest assured that the technicality of the whole ordeal at least is off your hands.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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