Meet GIBSS, Specializes In Making Technologies Commercially Viable


So you take the bus to work once a week, use the car pool at other times and refrain from travelling when not really required, all so that your carbon footprint is lowered. But what about the environmental impact of the air conditioner that your office uses or the lamps that power the corridor of your home. Are they pitching in the same way you are to conserve energy? One might say that there is nothing you do about all this, but actually there is. You should talk to people at GIBSS for this.

GIBSS is an indigenous company with innovative solutions that can help you reduce the carbon footprint of your company/ building. All of us have heard about LED Lamps and GIBSS is manufacturing a wide variety of LED lamps that will meet your requirements of style and elegance, while saving crucial energy for all. But that is just a part of the story. With their geo thermal cooling solutions that use underground heat exchangers, GIBSS can help your building by up to 40-60%. Similar is their hot water heating system that makes good use of the energy and also produces chilled water at the same time. Amazing isn’t it? Why not contact GIBSS for zero energy building today?

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