Meet Glovo, The Company Which Buys, Collects And Delivers Everything You Want


Getting a home delivery has been cumbersome and somewhat risky with chances of a low quality product delivered (especially food items). Another headache has been the availability of choices since ordering from a particular home delivery service means lesser choices in food items. This is no more an issue with Glover application from Glovo.

The Spanish company buys, collects and delivers everything you want in minutes (through an application on your android device). The service is available in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

The range of services is awesome, from a specific article of a food trade to your favorite dish from a specific restaurant; the limit is your imagination! You can follow your Glover through the app any time.

You don’t have to pay in cash for the service. No cash! Through Glover app you can pay directly to your Glover delivery safely and conveniently. Your bank details are totally encrypted and safe with Stripe encoding.

Company offers its first shipment free of any charges.

Sounds good, explore Glovo today.

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