Meet Hitsbook, The Place Where Your Videos Win Prizes


How do you create a viral video campaign for your customers? You could brain storm for hours and days, come up with a concept, shoot it and then wait for your customers’ feedback or simply give it to your customers to make it and select the best of what the customers think of your brand/ company.

Videos that go viral always have a common story that connects all users who share them. One usually does not realise this while the video is being shot but this connect is why videos become popular and are shared. When you give your customers the chance to speak for your brand, they are likely to emote what they feel about the brand through their video and this emotion usually connects one user to another and makes his/ her video popular.

Hitsbook provides you a platform to connect with your users/ customers and gives them the opportunity to speak for your brand through videos. As creator of the campaign, you get to decide which video speaks about your brand the best and while you get a video, the creator of the video gets a prize. Win -Win situation.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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