Meet JustLikeNew, The Trusted Smartphone & Tablet Repair Services


Remember the times when anything went wrong with any electronic device, there was always an electronics guy, sitting in his small shop, sometimes below ground level, with his radio humming to tunes of nostalgia, trying to repair the entire colony’s electronic goods. Those were the days when these good breed of electricians still made us feel that buying an electrical item meant a life time investment when they breathe new life into an old radio, transistor or even a mobile phone.

But that breed soon grew extinct and we came to an age, when the mobile phones just got fancier and more expensive, while there was no sign of their menders. With JustLikeNew, you get a chance to breathe new life into mobile phones that have no other option than to be put away. Catering to each major city, JustLikeNew makes repairing an old phone simple and quick. They even have a pick up and drop facility, where the item is picked up from your location and dropped at your door step. With guarantee service, stand by mobile and 3 months warranty JustLikeNew is a reliable clinic for your electronic goods.

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