Meet Ofo, The Unique Bike Hiring System

Even the most of avid bikers avoid taking a bike in a new city because they simply do not know where and how common the docking stations. One may pick up a bike from a train station but then has to be sure that it can be dropped off near his destination. This is why; Ofo has come up with a unique bike hiring system that does not require a docking bay.

Whenever you identify an Ofo bike, simply open the Ofo app and type in its number. You will immediately get the passcode for its lock. Dial the passcode and ride the bike where ever you want. When you are done, simply leave the bike locked in an area where bike parking is allowed. No returning to a docking station at all. Makes it easy to hire a bike? Ofo Bikes are available in over 33 cities around the globe in US, UK and China.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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