Meet Pixvana, The Platform For XR Storytelling

Virtual reality is everywhere today, it is changing the way we look at entertainment, changing the way we perceive videos and games. With virtual reality, we have also ebbed into domains like augmented reality, mixed reality (collectively termed as XR) and so much has evolved that we no longer are just satisfied with just a 2 dimensional video, we want more from it. Long on to any major video broadcasting site and you will find a growing number of videos that explore storytelling 360 degrees.

But ask anyone who has dabbled into that medium, and they will tell you how time consuming and tedious the process is. Plus there is no start to finish help that is available out there, that is till now, Pixvana a company based in Seattle is all set to change the face of XR. With a team comprising of artists, software engineers, designers, product developers and much more, they are determined to bring together a platform that can take care of the technical aspects of XR, so that you as a creative can concentrate of telling your story.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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