Meet Propulse Analytics, The Most Advance Retail Purchase Predication Tool

Now here is a smart and effective way of really getting into the minds of your customer. Ecommerce sites all over the internet are flooding with metrics that they claim are the best at analysing what your consumer really wants, what are their likes dislikes, trends etc. But seldom do we, as retailers, come at a bump in the road, when we do listen intently to this data and implements it, but nothing really changes.

If you are a retailer, I’m sure this must have happened to you more than once. While we are left there doubting the very product range in our shop, we rarely question the metric that tells us what to sell and what not to, which may be deterring our customers. Propulse Analytics is a great new way of looking closer at what is in the minds of the consumer visiting your site. But instead of just looking at browsing history and purchase history, Propulse tries to recognise taste of your customer, which is a fresh new way forward.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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