Meet Reesio, A Slack Plus Salesforce For The 2.5M Real Estate Agents


With the way things have been involving in recent past over real estate market, the agents are not being able to bring in the updated data which all in resulting into bad listing. In simple words, unless and until real estate agents got an easy way to add or update their listings in real-time format, they will not be succeeded, resulting in bringing a huge mess in whole of industry.

Our today’s startup specializes in bringing this thing down and offering good enough to provide a slack plus salesforce for the 2.5 million real estate agents. Reesion offers CRM plus Transaction Management for the modern real estate professional. It is a perfect ool for brokers, transaction coordinators as well as agents.

Sounds good, huh? Explore Reesio today.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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