Meet Salsify, The Product Content Management And Exchange Software


If you are a supplier to an online retail outlet, you know your biggest hurdle. It is getting through the endless amount of paper work that retailers have as a requirement. These excel sheets need to have the precise data of each and every item, with their photograph, which again has its own requirement before being uploaded. If this sounds terrible, imagine doing it for multiple retailers, each company having their own set of documents and paperwork to be filled.

This is where Salsify comes in; Salsify is a content management company, that helps you, the supplier, get through your paperwork with ease. This cloud based company helps collect, synchronise and manage your data so that you don’t loose time, and valuable sale because of petty inventory data. Keeping in mind every retailer requirements of data, Salsify offers you a great hassle free way of delivering to those requirements. Check out their site to know more details about what they have to offer and if you are still unsure, you can always try their 30 day free trial.

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