Meet Teforia, Tea Like You’ve Never Tasted Before


You come back from a hard day’s work and hope that the Japanese tea you bought on your last trip will offer some respite. You boil some water, put in the leaves, and wait for the aroma, probably the colour. A little later, you have that first sip you have been waiting for since you left work that evening and all you expectations fall when the tea just does not taste good.

Making the perfect tea is not just an art but a lot of science too. Rather than stressing yourself out on the intricacies just pick the Teforia Infuser that simply needs to be told what tea you would like to have. Leave the tea bag in the device and the Infuser knows how to get the right aroma and taste out of the tea. With its artistic design, you can even display this Infuser when your friends comes visiting and operate the device via your smartphone, so that the conversation continues.

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