Meet TradeLab, A New Frontier In Finance Technology


While the world around has moved to a faster, more efficient way of trading, we seemed to have lagged behind. Our trade markets are still in its infancy, when it comes to the marriage between technology and finance. To bridge the gap, we have companies like Tradelab, which focuses on bringing the two entities together. Tradelab was founded by two IIT Kharagpur techies who saw the catholic gap between the two, and seized the opportunity to seal it. Having incubated their idea with SRIC, they received funding from Stradle Capital, to kick start their firm.

When it comes to business strategies and development, you need someone who not only knows how to get your through your troubled times, but also someone who can make things comfortable to tackle in the future. Founded in 2012, Tradelab may be a small fish in a very large pool, but they are definitely a force to reckon with. Offering to merge finance with technology, this Bangalore based company is all set to make ripples in the Indian financial market.

Having launched three different products to better the current platform in the market, you can choose between CYRUS, PI and ESIM, all of which are built to cater to trading community. PI, which was in its beta phase so far, was launched in March this year and has been tested by thousands of users.

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