Meet Velasca, An Italy-based Handcrafted Shoes Brand


Every one of us loves something. While that something sometimes can be either computers, mobile, gadgets, fashion and so on. Well while among this long list of likeliness, what if we present in front of you a web store which design and manufacture Italian handcrafted shoes, then I am sure many (a lot many actually) would be interested in knowing more about it.

Meet Velasca, an Italy-based Handcrafted shoes brand which aims on bringing quality products for all. The company spent over a year designing its first collection while you would love to know that all its shoes are hand-stitched using century-old traditions of fine Italian shoe-making. In short, all Velasca products are designed in Milan and hand-crafted by Italian artisans in the small town of Montegranaro, Marche.

Sounds good? Explore Velasca today.

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