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How do you find a court to play football in the city? One way would be take your bunch of friends to all the courts you know and take a chance that they are free or simply use AirCourts to find when a court is free, book it and ask your friends to gather there. Booking a court of AirCourts is free and instantaneous.

Simply choose the sport you wish to play and find a court near you. Yes, AirCourts can help you find courts for padel and even tennis, apart from football and they always give show you the best available price for the court.

The best part is that you need not pay any booking fees on the site. Once your booking is confirmed, simply visit the court and pay the fee on site. No need to wait for payment authorisation code to begin playing. AirCourts is helping over 3000 athletes play their sport at over 100 venues in Port and Lisbon without any waiting what so ever.

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