Protect Your Vehicle With Neverfrost


Looking for a great protection for your vehicle windshield and windows? Neverfrost is at your service. Neverfrost is a custom designed clear film applied by a professional on your vehicle’s windows & windshields (just like tinting) as a protection from natural and seasonal elements.

With Neverfrost on, you get insulation against summer heat, frost during winters, and stone chips protection. Adding further, the offering is based on proprietary multi-layer nano-composites sandwiched in a single 100 micrometer thick film to protect windshields and windows.

The product is ideal for commercial fleet operations ranging short-term car rentals to long-haul freight transportation. By eliminating stone chips and reducing fuel wastage commercial operators can save $600-$1200 / vehicle / year in saved costs (estimates based on average mileage of 100-150k miles and 1-2 windshield replacement / year).

Sounds good, then explore Neverfrost today.

The Editorial Team

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