Recover Deleted, Formatted Or Lost Data Via EaseUS Data Recovery Software

The internet is a great place; it opens up a world of possibilities and new ways to bring us all closer. But this opened portal of possibilities is sometimes misused and can be a dangerous tool to threaten and even extort people.With the latest treat of the Ransom virus taking the world by storm; it is only natural for all of us to make efforts to avoid such a mishap from happening to our data and systems. One way to counter such an attack is to be prepared and back up your data before any untoward incidence, but more often than not, bad news comes with no warning and its comforting to know that there is a way to retrieve what you have lost. EaseUS offers a solution with its great free data recovery software.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is easy to use recovery software that does exactly what it says, it recovers data for you to back up. If you are to lose your data, this software launches a scan to dig out your lost data. The software guides you along the way with easy to follow instruction that leads you to your lost files and folders. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is great for when you have accidentally erased files, formatted your hard drive without backing up your data, when your system crashes or during a virus attack – EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard helps you track down your missing files and brings it safely back to you.

How it works

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works well on all kinds of systems. Whether it is a desktop, a tablet, a laptop, a server, a small pen drive or a memory card, nothing is too small or too trivial for the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. While there are a few exceptions to what can be recovered and what cannot, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works with music files, photographs, document, videos, you name it and EaseUS can be relied on to get it back from oblivion.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works on two modes- a quick scan that scans your computer in general and there is a deep scan that rummages through all the files to fish out files and folders that are lost into oblivion. The software is precise and clear about recovering data, giving you a detailed report about what is salvageable and giving you a preview about the data that is being recovered. What is also great about the software is that you can resume a paused scan from where you left it, without having to rescan your whole system again, saving you time allowing you to export and import scan results.

The Cost

The EaseUS Data Recovery wizard is primarily free and comes with the basic package of recovering up to 2GB worth of data, with no cap on the types of files that you recover. If you want no cap on the amount of data you want to recover, we suggest you go for the Pro-Data Wizard that allows you to recover unlimited amount of data. You also have a free life time upgrade feature, as well as free lifetime technical support – all this for just $ 69.95. If you want a sweeter deal, that promises all of the above plus available option to recover data in an event of a complete system crash, you could choose the Pro + WinPE that come at $99.90.

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