Rent A Car With Skurt


Renting a car and driving around on your own in a new city is supposed to be fun right. Somehow, car renting agencies have dulled this experience for me altogether. The hassles of so much paper work and then the long waiting time at the arrival, the suspense over availability of the car is just too much for me to handle after a flight. So, when I went to LA recently, I decided to try out Skurt, a car rental app that a friend had recommended. All it needed was the barcode behind my driving licence and I could choose the car I wanted. I paid via credit card and when I arrived at the airport, this guy was standing in a purple T shirt with a sign that had my name on it. He escorted me and my luggage to the car and I was out of the airport within minutes. You should try it too, it’s called Skurt.

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