Restaurants Owners, Get Dashed For Your Full Delivery And Marketing Services


Are you a restaurant owner looking forward to increase your customer base? Or are you don’t offer delivery? Or are you tired of managing a delivery staff? If anyone among this is correct, then DASHED is the service for you. DASHED is first such service which offers both full delivery as well as marketing services for its restaurant partners, so that you can focus on taking care of your in-house guests.

Founded in 2009 with 1 biker & 1 restaurant, DASHED has grown to the leading restaurant delivery service in the Northeast, serving over 600 top-rated restaurants that wouldn’t otherwise offer delivery across Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Hoboken & Jersey City, Philadelphia, and Providence. Open 18/7, running from 8am – 1am every day, making one of the most continuously-operating services available.

Sounds good restaurant owners? Explore DASHED now.

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