Share AC Cabs Via Zoomot


Travelling alone in a taxi in Mumbai not only pinches your pocket but is also a boring task.  If you are a daily commuter then you is well aware how long a traffic jam can take to clear and how tired you are by the time you end your commute. What if instead of travelling solo, you could share the ride with others who ride along. Not only would you enjoy good company, you would save some good money too.

Zoomot is a fun app that not only helps you share AC cabs to but also make friends and save money. Simply select the route of your commute on the Zoomot app and choose a pick up point suitable for you. The app will quickly tell you the nearest ride, its occupancy and its ETA for your pick up point. If the journey suits you, simply book a seat and you will be on your way, on time, with company and saving money.

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