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From clothes to shoes, mobiles to washing machines, everything is now available at a tap of a smartphone except good jewellery. Whether you are looking for a unique design for an upcoming occasion or simply window shopping, there is nothing you can do, except go to a shop. But with VelvetCase, you can now avoid that trip too. Simply log visit their site and browse from the collection of over 200 designers from the comfort of your home.

Rings, pendants, gold, platinum, you name it and VelvetCase has the product for you. Whether you are looking for a branded piece or a unique piece crafted by one of the local designers, VelvetCase is the place to be. Even if you are looking for a custom design you can order it on VelvetCase. The company ships globally, with insurance and labels its products with relevant label of standards.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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