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Although in recent times, we have seen a huge windup towards eCommerce industry but have you ever got a feel that this eCommerce revolution too is making a miss as it too not adding up complete impact on local retail market. Well if you think the same as we mention, then here we go with our today’s start-up roundup talks about the same.

Meet Retale, a free iOS, Android and Kindle Fire app along with online shopping resource which brings in the best from local retail stores near you. All you have to put up your zip codes, and then it begins with its magic, showcasing brochures, circulars and coupons from retailers available next to you.

The data it shared can let you flip through brochures, get information about products as well as learn about offers and deals. In short you will get a detailed overview of all stores and retailers, along with their address and working hours.

Sounds amazing? Explore Retale today.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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