Top 6 Most Recommended Inventory Management Systems

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If you are dealing with large numbers of physical products, then maintaining as well as controlling inventory is an important part to your success. No matter, what it will be, ranging from just assembling physical products into their final versions or transporting them from one place to another or selling them in a wholesale or retail environment, keeping an eye on Inventory is very important all the time.

Without a doubt, you will find hundreds of inventory management systems out there but the question is what will be most recommended by one. As these software is designed mainly for optimizing your process for ordering, storing and tracking inventories, you need not want that any kind of problem comes in between and this is where these systems comes as a useful source.

In this article, I tried to explain in brief about the six most recommended inventory management systems which I strongly believe that will help you out in managing inventories at your end.

#1 Fishbowl Inventory Manufacturing Software

Designed mainly for small to mid-sized companies which have been in search for a complete inventory system, Fishbowl Inventory is one such system. The software from Fishbowl is easy to implement and is easy to be affordable in nature, yet good enough to help you meeting all your company needs. The software takes an inventory-centric approach, offering features such as asset management, cycle counting, barcoding, customized reporting and raw materials management.

Key Features:

  • Automatically generate bills of materials for new manufacturing jobs.
  • Convert customer sales orders into work orders.
  • Create work orders for a variety of jobs, including disassembly and maintenance.
  • Build manufacture orders to house multiple work orders and bills of materials.
  • Estimate final costs for products to help with pricing.
  • Print invoices and packing slips for fast delivery.

#2 SalesBinder

SalesBinder is another easier way which can help you with managing your business. It is an all-in-one online inventory management system which organizes your customers, sales leads, purchase orders, estimates and invoices. The web software will let you manage your inventory as well as helps you checking your supply levels in real-time. It can even send you (optional) notification the time when your specific inventory levels get low.

#3 Stitch Labs

This inventory tool is best for online and offline stores, letting you manage orders, contacts, inventory and packing slips on the colorful online dashboard which it offers. It works alongside with Shopify and PayPal, giving stores owners the huge freedom of joy. The best part with this is that as soon as you make a new sale, the Software Stitch itself updates inventory levels, all in real time.

#4 Ordoro

Build exclusively for online store, Ordoro works with a range of platforms including Shopify and eBay while it allows you to sync with your FedEx, UPS and USPS accounts alongside, letting you print your shipping labels customized with your logo. You will be able to manage all your inventory and orders using an online dashboard while it also gives you a space for drop shipping.

#5 Tradegecko

Tradegecko is an online offering which will take all your hassle out of inventory management. It’s online, cloud based inventory management tools are easy to use and will leads toward giving you better control over your inventory. The system further leads in helping you towards managing your products and their different variants option. It lets you connect with your online store and helps in taking better buying decisions.

#6 C-Store Office® Software

Sounds perfect mainly for stores like convenience stores as well as Gas Stations, this software from Petrosoft, C-Store Office® offers a perfect solution for them. The software system itself bares an interesting story in its backend, it was developed the time when a C-Store owner searching the market for a business management solution and end up in developing the one on its own.

C-Store basically is a web-based system, which leads toward eliminating any up-front IT investments you consider on doing or making. The system consists of centralized databases which lets you monitor all critical store operations. The C-Store further includes inventory management, inventory optimization, demand forecasting, and reporting tools that you will be requiring to drive revenue.

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