Want To Hire Local College Students For Reliable Help On Your Short Term Projects, Meet MinYawns


It is often pretty common that you will be requiring someone who can come and help you on your short term projects. Although you considered on hiring through different means available but today I am going to share about an offering name MinYawns.

MinYaws, which is currently catering Seattle and Fresno regions, got its root back at the University of Washington. It was created by a group of students who simply just needed extra spending cash without having to commit to a part-time job.

The jobs for which you can hire college students includes computer and tech, creative, deliveries and moving to events, handyman, help at home office, office work as well as web and graphic design work, giving students a lot of possible selection our what they are good at. While on other side, if you want to get the job done, then this is a perfect platform for you.

Sounds good, huh? Try today – Visit MinYawns.

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