Why I Prefer GetResponse Over Vertical Response For My Email Marketing Needs


Email marketing is the thing of the day. While people are taking to social media and micro blogging sites, to get really intimate and close with your clients, a regular update via email does say a lot about how you intend to treat your clientele. Not only are emails great to keep a loyal customer base, it also acts as an incredible tool to spread the word about your company, taking your brand onto the global platform. So if you are already on a hunt for the perfect email marketing tool to fit your needs you have come to the right place. Today we review two most promising email marketing services in the business – Vertical Response and GetResponse.

Vertical Response


Vertical Response is a great option for those who are just starting out, and have no clue about what exactly is an email marketing service. With a number of templates to choose from, Vertical Response gives you the freedom to import in images and contacts hassle free. With over 15 years of experience, the company has catered to over a million customers and their marketing needs.

A great feature about Vertical Response is that, you can send up to 4000 emails every month free of charge. If you are a starter company or service, this is an incredible boon. The free package also includes up to 1000 new subscriptions every month. The company lives by the rule of your growth and success before theirs, which is quite true when it comes to the freebies offered at the site.


With over 350,000 satisfied customers, and over 1 billion subscribers each month, GetResponse is one of the biggest names in the market especially when if you are thinking of taking your email marketing to the next level – GetResponse is the way to go. If you are working on popular platforms like WordPress and Salesforce, importing contacts and managing them becomes extremely simple, allowing you the freedom to manage and organise data.


It not only gives you freedom with importing valuable information from one platform to the other, it also allows you to have surveys, which is always a plus when it’s time to crunch numbers and look at your company’s progress analytically. Along with that, GetResponse allows you to modify and update web forms as well as landing pages, so that you create more engaging content for your subscribers. Now, having a hundred percent adjustable, user friendly web format, that allows you to drag and drop and move around icons on the template to best suit your needs is a blessing for anyone who has no background in web designing.

So getting started with GetResponse is as simple as selecting your template, moving icons around to best suit your need, and finally hitting the publish button. With over 100 of templates to choose from, you can create engaging landing pages that are a representative of what your company is like. Along with that, GetResponse allows you to have built in web forms that make data collection simple and easy. Integrated into the landing page, you can get important information from your subscribers and potential clients without being too invasive, which is always a plus.

Device friendly versions


With content access through a large range of mediums, it is difficult and can be exhaustive to keep up to looking trim and fit on every platform. Small things like your landing page not loading on a mobile or a tablet can eat up into your sales, or popularity. With GetResponse you don’t have to exhaust resources into creating a landing page for every platform. So you don’t have to bother about what segments of your subscriber are accessing your information through what medium.


Along with that, GetResponse allows you to add images and work with different documents, making the portal safe and trustworthy. The company offers over 360 platforms to choose from, and if you are a company that has a huge emailing list or a medium to large company, you would definitely find these features valuable assets to begin with. GetResponse also boasts a 99% email delivery service along with having 24 hours a day, 7 days a week tech support that promises to be friendly and willing to answer your every question.



While both service providers are great and have their own strengths, when it comes to selecting one from the other, it is a matter of what your requirement are and who provides it the best. While Vertical Response is great and has many perks for its clientele, if you are a medium to large scale company looking for a suitable email marketing partner, who can handle the load of your clientele, you are better of hiring a company who goes beyond auto response, offering a more dynamic service, which ultimately is GetResponse.

While Vertical Response may act like a stepping stone, on the long run GetResponse seems to be a better option. GetResponse’s mailing tools go beyond the regular mass mailing and auto response mode giving you the tools and complete freedom to create more engaging campaigns and content. Vertical Response might seem like the cheaper option available, but time and again, we have known that a product or service that is lighter on the pocket can be the cause of multiple frustrations later on. So, let not price alone be the deciding factor for your decision. Take our word for it. Use GetResponse and you will never think about moving to another email marketing service again.

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