WHOOP Aims On Increasing Your Performance Instead Of Giving You Just Stats

Fitness bands gather a good amount of data for a regular individual. But, if you are an athlete who is training for a big event, a regular fitness band can’t give you the information you need. What you need is WHOOP, a product that is engineered to improve your performance and not just give you stats.

By gathering data about how much strain your body has gone through the day, WHOOP informs you of the sleep that you need to get to recover well and monitors if your body was able to recover. Accordingly, it can determine if your body is ready to train fully again.

WHOOP can be charged by sliding a slim battery pack on the device, so that you do not have to compromise on your data recording while the device charges. With continuous usage, athletes have managed lower resting heart rates, lesser injuries and better sleep at nights, using WHOOP. With the WHOOP Strap 2.0, you can wear your WHOOP in water and 24X7.

The Editorial Team

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