Meet CitizenLab, A Civic Engagement Platform For Cities


Modern technology is rapidly changing the ways things are done.  From snail mails to self destructing instant messages, from a telephone in a locality to dual SIM and even tetra SIM capable phones, we have really come a far distance in a short time. And as the world gets smaller with every person that we connect, our individual opinions and views also begin to get noticed. This is the idea behind CitizenLab, a community driven startup that connects the citizens to their local government bodies in a contemporary way.

CitizenLab is an online platform that lets citizens air their views and draw comments from others in the community. Community members can then vote in favour or against these ideas helping local governments to make decisions. Local bodies can even invite public opinion and reward people participation, all using CitizenLab. Isn’t that a cool tool. The beta version has recently been released, so sign up today to get free early access!

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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