Meet Prefundia For Your “Coming Soon” Pages Campaign Needs


While in early times for starting up something, we need to put money from our own pockets but now with change in trends, people are now opting for crowdfunding as for their money requirement sources. Reason because with running such campaigns they not only bringing their product in front of people who are really interested in it but also they are able to gather their first bunch of customers also.

This is the only reason, in this startup review, we are sharing about Prefundia. With Prefundia, you need to first create an awesome project page. It’s free and simple to setup followed by building a following so you can blow up your project/app day one of launch. Once done, it’s time for you to get feedback, suggestions, and encouragement to help make your awesome project awesome.

Sounds interesting and valuable for your offering? If yes, then check Prefundia straight away.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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