Swapit Lets You Trade Pre-loved Stuff With People Nearby


Using apps to buy things is quite common. E-commerce sites have made sure that your buying experience is smooth and simple but what about things that are old but not worth throwing away. Like your limited edition foosball table that you can no longer keep but won’t throw it in the dumpster as well. For crucial moments like these, there is Swapit.

Think of it as the eBay of the smartphone, Swapit lets you list owned products you wish to sell and informs people nearby what is available. Buyers can use the inbuilt messaging app to know more about the product and also know its exact location. Once he is happy, simply close the deal and pick the product as per your conveniences. Easy, quick and clear. Buy or sell nearby on Swapit!

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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